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2016 U.K. 25 Pound 1/4 Oz Gold Queen’s Beast BU The Lion – SOURCES FOR MONEY

2016 U.K. 25 Pound 1/4 Oz Gold Queen’s Beast BU The Lion

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2016 U.K. 25 Pound 1/4 Oz Gold Queen’s BU The Lion
Bullion Exchanges happily offers this 2016 Great Britain 1/4 oz Gold Queen’s Coin, the first in a series of 10 coins! Each coin will feature a from the statues that were present at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. This coin contains the first beast, the lion. This coin comes made from .9999 fine gold and weighing 1/4 troy oz.
The reverse of the coin depicts the heraldic lion. The lion is a symbol of strength and pride. The obverse of the coin depicts a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, who was crowned in 1953. During the Queen’s coronation, 10 beasts symbolically guarded Westminster Abbey. The Queen’s Beasts is the inspiration behind the 10-coin series that will be rolled out in limited mintage every . The coin’s designer was Jody Clark, the youngest designer to have a design officially commissioned by the British Mint for use on a sovereign coin.
Description Buy this spectacular 1/4 oz pure gold coin from the Royal Mint at the best price online. This is the third weight released in the Queen’s Beasts series. This coin features highly detailed engraving and is very popular with both investors and collectors. Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953 was watched over by 10 heraldic beasts, re-imagined here as the first in a series of 10 designs. The Queen’s Beasts were created to represent the various branches of royal genealogy over the centuries. The lion first appeared around 1189 on the royal seal of King Richard I, later known as King Richard the Lionheart. Unusually, both sides of this coin were executed by Jody Clark, an engraver at the Royal Mint. This series of gold coins is sure to become very collectible, order yours today! In multiples of 25 this coin will ship in an original mint tube.